Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Canada's Smallest Bathroom

If there were a prize for that, it's fair to say we could be serious contestants. 

When we bought this home back in 2010, the bathroom was a major turnoff at first.  The floor space measures a whopping 4 feet by 5 feet...that's approximately 20 ceramic tiles.

But...I warmed up to the idea of having a small bathroom because the house had so much to offer us otherwise.  Specifically, a fourth bedroom to use as a playroom and a double car garage for storage.

And so here she is, in all her alarmingly awesome glory.

From the hallway:

And here's where we stand now.  We took photos at night and they turned out so gloomy looking.

We have done the following so far:

Replaced the old sink and toilet

Painted the blue counter a medium grey

Freshened up the ceramic tile grout using grey Grout Renew

Installed a new light fixture

Painted the walls Behr's Snowfall White

The sink caulking job taking place in the photo was an epic fail and needs to be redone.  

The entire process has been incredibly DIY, as hiring someone is not in the budget right now.  Our entire house needs a lot of work.  DIYing will save us thousands of dollars but will likely cause whopping migraines.  A fair trade, perhaps?

To do, in addition to redoing the sink caulking:

Hang new shower curtain

Bath mats

Install towel bars

Hang window treatment 

Wall art

Paint mirror and hang

Build open shelving above toilet

Paint interior of vanity cupboard

Hang curtain in place of missing vanity doors

Organization bins for vanity 

Caulk around base of bathtub

Paint baseboards and trim

Touch up wall paint 

Spray paint baseboard heater (won't happen until summer)

New window (also won't happen until summer)

Thanks, Canadian winter for interfering with my home improvement efforts.  

Stay tuned!

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